Park Colonial

Heritage Of The Past, Grandeur Of The Future

Park Colonial. Colonial inspired modern living.
Step into a world that lets you embrace a time of grandeur, adventure, and splendour. Indulge in modern living that is distinctively contemporary in detail and carefully curated with the finest in materials and textures. From elegant, lavish interiors to lush, vast luxuriously landscaped grounds, to the very best of services, we present to you a home beyond every expectation. This is living that embraces the past while looking to the future. Living that embraces glorious contrasts to celebrate the finest in both the historic as well as the modern.

Inspired by a Tradition of Luxury.

The Colonial Life
This was an age of discovery and an age of exploration. Where extraordinary new worlds were being discovered – new spices, new treasures, new and exotic species were being unveiled to a wondering western world. It was also an era that celebrated all things elegant, stylish and sophisticated.

The colonial masters had the privilege of living in extravagant mansions with vast retinues of bearers, butlers, cooks and punkah-wallahs. They held elegant tea parties on rolling lawns and created manicured, tropical gardens in competition with their contemporaries. The houses were designed to be open to the elements, with wide porticos, stately drop-offs and vaulting ceilings.

Woodleigh. An Estate Steeped In Rich Heritage.
Through the 1800s to early 1900s, the British and other colonials in Singapore created lavish villas, better known as Bungalows, all over the island. These were built for civil servants, businessmen, highranking officials and plantation owners. To this day, several of these ‘Black-and-White’ bungalows still remain, a testament to the country’s rich colonial past. Such charming houses still dot the landscape in Woodleigh and are known for their distinctive use of white-washed walls, their sprawling grounds and dark timber woodwork.

Celebrate the Grandeur of Arrival.
An important part of the experience when visiting a colonial bungalow was the impressive sense of arrival. Here they would typically be received by a doorman in fine livery who would assist the ladies and gentlemen with disembarking and guide them through the main doors of the home to the reception parlour. It is an experience that has informed the impressive arrival lobby and drop-off at Park Colonial which is designed to welcome your guests into your home here with the same sense of ceremony and courtesy.

A Lavish Garden Of Picturesque Possibilities
Fine living always find its true place among the delights of nature. The beauty of floral colours, set like sparkling jewels among the flourishing lushness of textured foliage is an enduring delight at Park Colonial.

Entertaining guests will be a pleasure with the expansive outdoor courtyard where one can find a charming English Breakfast House. Spend a lazy afternoon reading in the alcoves of the Tea Garden. And delight your senses with the multifarious scents at the Floral Sanctuary. This is a life of pure enchantment

Indulgences to Cosset and Vitalise.

Immerse In Endless Pleasure
During the colonial times, swimming and other sports were favourite pastimes of colonials. These activities played an important role since it helped fill the idle hours of colonials who had to wait for months for news of home. It was very much a luxury and was reserved only for the privileged few.

Luxuriate in The Colonial Club, the crown jewel of the development. This iconic 10-metre high, glass-clad clubhouse is the epitome of modern elegance. Truly, a masterful work of art and an exclusive area for you to host the many memorable functions to come.

An exciting adventure awaits your kids as they enjoy fun-filled activities in the Kids Playhouse, Kids Water Play and Adventure Park. It is a unique and playful world where many fun possibilities abound.

Entertain friends and family amidst nature at the Waterfall Lounge. Soothe your senses at the Waterfall Massage Pool as you get an invigorating massage. This is your retreat that allows you to escape and relax completely.

A Lush, Verdant Sanctuary of Pleasure.

A Paradise Of Inspiration.
Bountiful green enclaves like gardens and parks are an important part of the Colonial experience. These public and expansive spaces were perfect for intimate picnics, where one can hear the melodious chirping of birds from a distance and the delightful scented breezes that spread happiness on a Sunday afternoon.

Step into your own island paradise as you make your way towards the Island Pool and Island Deck. Find absolute relaxation at the Sensory Spa Pavilion. Take a leisurely stroll down the Colonial Boulevard and feel one with nature. Be refreshed at each step of the unique Tranquil Waterway. Experience so much more than the usual here.

Every Note Perfect, Like An Exquisite Symphony

Experience The Extraordinary
Revel amidst the vast and lush colonial-inspired landscaping, for your own unique pleasure at Park Colonial.

Discover within this distinctive landscaping, two impressive layers of luxury – wherein every layer offers an abundance of rich experiences. Prepare to be inspired.

A Bespoke World Beyond Luxury

An Aesthetic Of Nobility And Craftsmanship.
Colonial homes were carefully created to provide a sanctuary from the elements of the tropics. Overhangs and eaves were predominant in the architecture, which provided shelter from the sun and allowed free passage of the winds. Interior spaces were notably spacious and decorated with ornate fittings, exquisite finishes and a fine attention to detail.

A Home Of Style And Comfort
At Park Colonial, discover space like never before. Each home is thoughtfully created to complement your distinctive taste and cater to your every need, making use of only the finest fittings and finishes.

Grained timber, smooth stone, polished marble, brushed metal and finely glazed tiles are used to create textures of richness.

Everything At Your Command
A colonial home would be staffed by many servants. These servants played a significant role in the colonial household. They were in charge of the entire well-being of their masters – from maintaining the cleanliness of the home to preparing delectable cuisines.

Delivering Beyond Your Everyday Needs
Revel in a range of convenient, personal concierge services for your pleasure such as laundry, home cleaning, pet grooming, down to handyman services and more. A Smart Parcel Station is also provided to allow residents to enjoy easy collection of parcels. From now on, have more time for life at Park Colonial

Delight in a home that holistically takes care of all your needs and so much more. Every luxurious home in Park Colonial comes with a Smart Home Gateway that enhances and compliments your distinctive lifestyle. Now you can take pleasure in the flexibility of controlling your home remotely, the convenience of booking residential services online and enjoying great deals on services.

A Map Connected to Perfection.

A Well-Connected Address Of Distinction
Enjoy the best of connectivity with Woodleigh MRT (NEL) at your doorstep and Serangoon MRT (NEL/CCL) interchange station just one stop away.

Be spoilt for choice by the many prestigious schools within the vicinity such as St. Andrew’s Village (Primary, Secondary and Junior College), Maris Stella High School (Primary and Secondary) and Stamford American International School.

Discover The Art Of Leisure
When it comes to leisure, the Singapore Island Country Club and Woodleigh Park are all within the vicinity. For nature enthusiasts, cycle or jog along the Kallang Park Connector that links Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park to Kallang Riverside Park.

Indulge in a wide selection of fun shopping and dining possibilities such as NEX, Chomp Chomp, myVillage @ Serangoon Gardens, Clarke Quay and Plaza Singapura. At Park Colonial, experience convenience like never before.